Discover an exclusive guide to styling your bridal accessories on your wedding day.

The Modern Bride

Our enchanting jewels bride has evolved into a captivating modern bride. Adorned with our exquisite Rose gold Vivica earrings, she radiates elegance alongside her blushing pink wedding gown. Now is the moment to step boldly into the future of style, leaving behind the shadows of tradition.

Vivica Earrings

The Classic Bride

Embracing a romantic and sophisticated style, our beloved #jewelsbride adorned herself with grace. The Wynter hair vine, embellished with crystals and pearls, elegantly complemented her high-neck lace wedding gown, cascading with beauty. Completing her ensemble, the Dance with Me earrings added a vintage charm, lending a refined touch to her overall look.

Wynter Hairvine

The Minimalist Bride

Our stunning bride chose our exquisite crystal and pearl Heavenly headpiece to complement her A-line gown flawlessly. The headpiece provided just the right touch of sparkle to enhance her simple yet elegant dress.

Heavenly headpiece

The Bling Bride

"We seamlessly paired the extravagant crystal-covered Isabelle headpiece with our Tessa earrings, crafting the ultimate glamorous look for our faux bride. This perfect duo enhances her elegance while beautifully complementing her stunning blonde hair, speaking volumes without overwhelming her desired aesthetic."

Isabelle headpiece